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Geron Davis has been leading and training choirs, praise teams, and church bands for many years. Geron, and his wife, Becky, are both pastors' kids who have a passion for worship in their DNA. Their forty plus years of creating music together has yielded a long list of worship songs including: Holy Ground, In The Presence of Jehovah, Mercy Saw Me, PeaceSpeaker, Evermore, Holy Of Holies, It Took A Lamb, When The Healing Comes, Im Glad I Know WhoJesus

Is, Send It On Down, I'm Gonna Make It, and many, many more. The artists who have recorded and/or performed the songs of Geron Davis include: Barbra Streisand, Gaither Vocal Band, Michael W. Smith, Phillips, Craig, & Dean, theBrooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Sisters, Christ Church Choi, Jason Crabb, the Crabb Family, the Talleys, Brittney Spears, Israel Houghton, Billy Graham Crusade,

TaRanda Greene, Mark Lowry, Cana's Voice, Charity Gayle, Collingsworth Family, & Bishop T.D. Jakes, plus many, many more. Geron has also been a fixture on the Gaither videos, playing piano and leading the choir, and has worked on recordings with a wide range of artists including Michael W. Smith,

The Crabb Family, and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir. Shelton and Alyson Lovern, Geron's sister and brother-in-law, are incredibly gifted, trained vocalists, and worship pastors, who have a passion for teaching, and leading people into God's presence. They work with Geron & Becky, and, together, form Geron Davis & KindredSouls. These multi Dove Award winning artists have traveled the

globe, for twenty five years, and touch millions of lives every year with their songs of praise, & their hearts for worship. They are always excited to join with fellow worshipers, anywhere in the world, to lift their voices and hearts in song to the King! Geron & Becky's greatest joys in life are their children Gerica (Tyler Vestal), & Neiman (Rachel), &c their 3 grands - Davis, Ruby, & Charlie!! Shelton &

Alyson have 1 daughter, DeDe (Kyle), & they are excited to welcome their first grandson, Nash, this September! For Geron Davis & Kindred Souls, it really is ... all about the worship!

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